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The Crow Busters Forum Has Changed!!

As many of you are aware, we have had major problems keeping the old forum running properly and more than that, the old forum was lacking in many features that you have been requesting. So, we have decided to switch to a completely new forum. Some of these new features are:

1. The ability to send Private Messages to other members.
2. The ability to upload images into your post without first having to host them somewhere else.
3. The option to subscribe to a post and automatically receive emails when the post has been added to.
4. Being able to have lost account information emailed to you without waiting for the Crow Busters staff.
5. The ability to create your own personal Avatar (photo that shows up next to your name).
6. A new "Chatbox" to communicate with other forum members in real time.

The down side to this upgrade is that all existing members will need to reregister and we also lost all the old posts. There was just no way to import the old settings into this new board.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I think you will all be glad that we took this leap once you start using the new forum. Good luck and good hunting!

Gordon L. Krause (Founder)

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