Popowski's Crow Trap
Shown below are the diagram and directions for building a home-made crow trap. This diagram and the description of it's use were borrowed from "Crow Shooting" by Bert Popowski. It is provided for educational purposes only and is not an endorsement for the trapping of crows. Crows are currently a federally protected bird and before attempting to remove any nuisance birds from your area, you should first check with state and federal agencies. Enjoy.

Setup and Use

The trap should be placed in an area where crows will notice it on their way to their daily feeding grounds. Various types of bait can be used, but Popowski used baits such as broken eggs, a dead chicken, a partially opened rabbit, etc., anything that would be both appealing and visible to a crow. The trap operates when the crows land on the top of the trap and finally decide to drop through one of the slots on the top, which they can do easily. However, while attempting to fly out, their wings prevent them from exiting the same slot. Crows stuck inside the trap will act as a lure to other crows. The trap needs to be checked daily, since eventually these intelligent birds will think their way to freedom.


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