Crow Busters - Beginner Articles

The following articles were written with the beginning crow hunter in mind. However, they should be of some interest to the veteran crow hunters as well. Members have access to Advanced Articles on all areas of crow hunting. If you are not a member and would like access, Click Here.

  "My Best Crow Hunt in 28 Years" - Bob Aronsohn (Staff Advisor)  

Records were meant to be broken and when Bob does it he does it big.

  "A Crow Hunt to Remember" - Bob Aronsohn (Staff Advisor)  

Join Bob & Co. on his most successful crow trip to date.

  "The World's Most Expensive Crow Calls" - Gordon L. Krause (Founder)  

Win the lottery? Shop here for your next crow call.

  "Johnny Reb in King Arthur's Court" - Skip Woody (Staff Advisor)  

A southern crow hunter travels across the pond.

  "The Banded Crow" - John Consolini  

Waterfowl aren't the only game with jewelry.

  "Make Your Mistakes Now" - Dick Mermon (Staff Advisor)  

Summer is a great time to perfect your calling.

  "Crow Folklore & Superstition" - Gordon L. Krause (Founder)  

Throughout history the crow has been seen in a mysterious and sometimes ominous way.

  "Crow Hunting History" - Bob Aronsohn (Staff Advisor)  

A walk down memory lane and the start of crow hunting.

  "Hunting with a Living Legend" - Gordon L. Krause (Founder)  

The Founders go on a once in a lifetime mid-western crow hunt with Staff Advisor Bob Aronsohn.

  "The Late Great Boyd C. Robeson" - Bob Aronsohn (Staff Advisor)  

A tribute to a great crow hunter and mentor to Staff Advisor Bob Aronsohn.

  "Why Not Give it a Try?" - Gordon L. Krause (Founder)  

Why not try some creative and even crazy tactics to outsmart our wily foe?

  "Three Days in October" - Bob Gerhart & Phil Musselman  

Join Bob & Phil on a memorable Autumn hunt.

"Piebald Patience" - Ben Browning

Follow one hunters quest for a trophy crow.

"Pass It On" - Gordon L. Krause (Founder)

Use crow hunting to pass along our hunting heritage.

"Crow Snipers" - Gordon L. Krause (Founder)

Making crow hunting a real challenge with a varmint rifle.

"Guiding For Crows" - Kenny King (Crow Busters Crow Staff)

A look at crow hunting from a professional crow hunting guide.

"Regulations for Crows" - Doug Wigfield (Co-founder)

Making sense out of the strange crow hunting seasons and laws.

"Crow Hunting In Japan" - Maj. Roy Fukoka

Crows under the Rising Sun.

"Rimfire Rascals" - the CrowSniper

Techniques for hunting crows with small caliber rifles.

Looking for Articles: Crow Busters is looking for new and interesting articles relating to crow hunting. If you have an idea about an article that would be of interest to fellow crow hunters and would like to contribute, send your idea to If we agree with your idea, we will get back to you on the format we can accept. Note: you do not have to be an expert writer to contribute. All ideas are welcome.
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